DudeCorp: Office life. And death.

Copier Game

Game: Copier

Press the button to make copies...

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Finding office life deathly dull? Try greatplaces2work.co.uk

Episode 05: Feedback

Employee suggestions are strongly encouraged at Dude Corp...

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Prank Caller

Episode 06: Prank Caller

Cold calling at its coldest.

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New Chair

Episode 07: New Chair

It's funny, but you can never quite seem to get a new chair the right height...

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Episode 09: Fan

A breath of fresh air in the office...

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9 out of 10 dudes said they'd give their right arm for a chance to visit greatplaces2work.co.uk (and sadly did)
Ice Skating

Episode 11: Ice Skating

It's graceful, it's athletic, it's beautiful...it's Dude Corp.

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arrow Watercooler moments - the Dude Corp buzz

Just what we've learned to expect....snappy, violent and funny!
David Sproxton - Executive Chairman, Aardman Animations


I think it is good. It will be useful at work tomorrow too.
William Headley

I think you might need help;)
Denise Haskew

Very cool; very funny!
Ben Ackland

Nice :-)
Justin Kirby

Dude Corp - it's very funny!
Hazel Grian - Matt Groening's favourite film maker.

It's nasty but funny. I hate to say it (because of its implications on the human condition...)- but Dudecorp has a lot of potential.
Henrik Dahle

I like the fact the fan guy gets cut into cubes matching the fan case thingy!
Helena Smartt

Happy Tree Friends im Buro (translation: in the office)
Random german-speaking internet viewer

Very short, very funny, very violent meditations on cubicle life. Podguide.tv

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